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Dr. Sunny Drake

Clinicians' Videos

My patients and staff love StellaLife. We prescribe it to help with post-op pain. It is very easy to use. The Recovery Kit has a rinse, spray and gel. Over a post-op period of 7 days my patients experience less pain, swelling, bleeding, and bruising.


Video Transcription:

“Hi, Dr. Sunny Drake here. I wanted to talk to you about a product that I've been using for over a year that my patients and staff love. When we do a procedure here, we prescribe this product by StellaLife that helps with post-op pain and it is really easy to use. There's a rinse, a spray, and a gel, and over a period of seven days, patients experience less pain, less swelling, less bleeding, less bruising. And who doesn't want that? Not that our procedures are that bad anyway, but we love StellaLife. We wanted to give a shout out to them and say happy holidays.”