Dr. Sam Bakuri

Clinician Review

StellaLife is the only product we used for the past three years to advance healing without staining teeth like CHX. Our patients enjoy fast post-surgical healing or those dealing with Lichen Planus and other auto-immune conditions.  StellaLife makes the outcome of the treatment much better. It is a great product - patients love it, we love it, and the staff enjoys using it every single day.


Video Transcription:

“Hi, my name is Sam Bakuri, I'm a Periodontist from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I've been using StellaLife products for almost three years now. Great products, actually have a lot of answers to questions that we were dealing with for years. Patients loved it. We were doing surgeries and people complained about the staining of the products and we didn't have an answer. What can we do, this is the only product that we can use post-op. And then StellaLife came in and it makes life so much easier on our patients after surgery, patients dealing with Lichen Planus, patients dealing with a lot of issues that we were trying to handle, going through one treatment after the other. StellaLife makes the outcome of the treatment better and it's a great product. Patients love it. We love it. The staff, really enjoy using it every single day. So thank you StellaLife and we're looking forward to more growth in your product line and more progress. Good luck.”

Dr. Mark Cannon

AAOSH Board Member

"If we have a patient with Aphthous Ulcers, we keep gel here for our patients and they leave with a gel. If you do a laser procedure or frenectomy or wisdom teeth, put them on Oral Care Recovery Kit." - - Mark L. Cannon, DDS, MS.

Dr. Chedly Schatzie Vincent

Having the patients come back just a few days later, you can just really see the difference in how the tissue healed and how it formed.

Dr. Chris Martin

Dr. Chris Martin wasn't a fan of hand sanitizer, until he tried our StellaLife® Moisturizing Natural Hand Sanitizer!