Dr. Teresa Lozano & Dr. Mariana Velazquez

Clinicians' Videos

Dr. Teresa Lozano & Dr. Mariana Velazquez share their experience using StellaLife in their office down in Miami, FL.

Video transcription:

Dr. Teresa Lozano - “Hi, my name is Dr. Theresa Lozano.”

Dr. Mariana Velasquez - “And I am Dr. Mariana Velasquez. Our practice is Kendall Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and we're located in Miami, Florida.”

Dr. Teresa Lozano - “Our experience with StellaLife has been amazing. Our patients are always happy to see how good the flavor is compared to other mouthwashes. The reduced need for painkillers is also very good and the speed of healing has improved dramatically.”

Dr. Mariana Velasquez - “In my particular experience, I've seen a significant decrease in the amount of dry socket cases I see ever since I started using this product. So overall, we're very satisfied with StellaLife experience.”