Dr. Lee Sheldon

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Dr. Lee Sheldon discusses the importance of standing up against opioids and how he practices safe pain management in his practice in this featured expert tip video by the Seattle Study Club.

Video transcription:

“Hi, I'm Dr. Lee Sheldon. There's a big question now as to how people can get off of opiates. It's a big deal. People know opiates, it's been in the news for the past couple of years and so, they want a method of getting off of opiates and using less pain medication as part of the surgical procedure. When we first decided to make this stand, we at the same time started using a product called StellaLife. StellaLife is a product that has been researched by some periodontists that I know, and people have had some terrific results using StellaLife. It's a topical, it's something that's natural, it's a homeopathic. So I tried it and I started using it on our post operative patients. It's very unusual when an assistant comes to me and says to me this: "Dr. Sheldon, we've got to order more of this stuff." Fact is, the patients were using far less medication. They didn't need the medication. We've reduced our medication use substantially, probably by 60 or 70%. So there are opportunities here. People can have surgery, and we do some of the biggest surgeries you can; implant surgery, bone grafts, all the things that you would think of. I think using a homeopathic, something that is natural, not only sets your practice apart, but it keeps your patients comfortable and keeps them off of drugs that they don't want to be on. Hope this helps.”