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Dr. Thaer Alqadoumi

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Dr. Thaer Alqadoumi shares how StellaLife helped transition his practice from using Peridex, helping patients heal faster.

Video transcription:

"Hey, good morning. This is Dr. Thaer Alqadoumi from Loma Linda University. StellaLife. My story, I would say, started last year at AAP, where we were talking and used to use Peridex solely, and I had this pemphigus vulgaris case that was really really severe, and I felt really bad for that lady, until I met Gennady and Debbie and I told them about this patient and they were like, "hey, take this recovery kit. You don't have to pay for it, just help your patient", and I go back home to California and give it to the patient. In a week, her life completely changed. From not being able to eat, a lot of pain when she brushes and a lot of bleeding, to starting to eat pepper and salt, and she's very comfortable. So I called Debbie, she immediately sent me five or six more recovery kit to give more to your patient, help her. And I would say right now, it's been almost seven, eight months since then, and the patient has been really really thankful. And since then, I've been using it. I'm very happy with the results. They have gum no staining, patients they like it, they like how it tastes. So it's been really a blessing experience. Thank you."