Angie Stone, HyLife

Dental Hygienists' Videos

HyLife's mission is to be change agents by addressing the oral health and well-being of dependent adults. We believe this demographic, specifically elders, are at great risk of literally “dying from dirty teeth” and we plan to do something about that. HyLife Oral Health Alliance (HOHA) care results in smiles being preserved, continued ability to enjoy food, and an overall feeling of wellness.


Video Transcription:

“My name is Angie Stone and I am the founder and the CEO of the HyLife Oral Health Alliance, and my story is that my mother in law likely died from dirty teeth during the last years of her life that she spent in a nursing home. So the mission of the HyLife Oral Health Alliance is to reduce that pain and suffering at the end of someone's life. Dental disease is 100 percent preventable and no one should have to suffer. That's what we do.”