Deb Roberge

Dental Hygienists' Videos

"I was diagnosed with “tongue-tie”. At 73 years old, healthy and very active, I was surprised to learn that this was one of the causes of sleep issues. I could never have managed as well without the help of StellaLife Oral Recovery Kit. The soothing effect was truly welcome as the healing process began. The swelling was well-controlled and healing was accelerated. Wonderful product!"



Video Transcription:

“Hello, my name is Deborah Roberge and I have been a dental professional for many, many years. I had a frenectomy a few months ago and I was fortunate enough to have StellaLife by my side. I can tell you from the bottom of my heart, I could never have had the healing, the comfort, and just the security of having that done without StellaLife. And truthfully, you absolutely need to look into it for any kind of topical gum problems, surgical problems. It's just an amazing, soothing way to get yourself back to health.”