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Elizabeth Annie Buzzard, RDH

Dental Hygienists' Videos

Elizabeth Annie Buzzard shares stories of patients she has recommended StellaLife products to and the wonderful results they have had.

Video transcriptions:

Elizabeth Annie Buzzard, RDH - “I'm Annie Buzzard, and I'm a dental hygienist in Washington, DC. We use the StellaLife products in our practice. I had a patient who came for an SRP. I sent her home with StellaLife gel and the mouthwash. The next week after her SRP, she went to the oral surgeon who did an extraction. On her follow up from the extraction, he said to her, "wow, you have healed so fast. You're actually ahead of where I expected you to be." I recommend this product. I use this product. I even recommended it to a patient, the gel, to a patient who was trying to give up smokeless tobacco. I know it's an off label thing, but it just has so many calming, soothing ingredients in it. I thought it was worth a try. He liked it, too. And he said, "I need more of that smokeless tobacco juice."

Tracy Jacobs, RDH - “Wonderful. Thank you so much Elizabeth.”

Elizabeth Annie Buzzard, RDH - “Thank you.”