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Kimberly & Claudia, IL

Dental Hygienists' Videos

Kimberly & Claudia from Featherstone periodontics discuss what they love about StellaLife for their patients.

Video transcription:

Debbie Durako - “Hi, everybody. This is Debbie Durako with StellaLife. I'm here at the Birch Group Featherstone Group in Beautiful Rockford, Illinois, and I have two lovely people here that wanted to share their experience with StellaLife. Tell me your name and what you do.”

Kimberly - “My name is Kimberly, and I'm a dental hygienist.”

Claudia - “Claudia, and I am one of the treatment coordinators.”

Debbie Durako - “And how do you like StellaLife? And what do your patients say about it?”

Kimberly - “Well, so being a hygienist we are prescribing StellaLife to patients very frequently to help them with not only their autoimmune, with the discomfort in the wound healing in their mouths, but also to help keep the bacteria count down. Especially if there are patients that need a little more oomph to help everything heal.”

Debbie Durako - “And as a treatment coordinator, how do you feel your patients have accepted the product, and do they come back for more of it?”

Claudia - “They love it. After they've had surgery, implants, or whatever surgery we're doing, we prescribe it for all of our patients for healing. Healing time is much less, much greater and when they come back for their hygiene appointments, obviously, our hygienists are asking them for more rinse at that time.”

Debbie Durako - “Do your patients ever feel like there's a pushback on your pricing or any of your distribution of the product in the practice?”

Claudia - “No questions asked, actually, because we know the benefits of it. They just want more.”

Debbie Durako - “Well, thank you guys so much. It's a pleasure being here with you all. What an incredible group of doctors and team members. I'm happy to be here. And thank you both so much for joining us.”

Claudia - “Thank you.”

Kimberly - “Thank you.”