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Employees of Featherstone Periodontics

Dental Hygienists' Videos

Listen in to hear a couple of Featherstone Periodontics employees give their honest opinion on how StellaLife has helped patients time after time in their office.

Video transcription:

Debbie Durako - “Hi everybody. This is Debbie Durako, director of StellaLife. I have two lovely people with me, and I'm going to let you all tell us who you are and what do you do and share with us how you dispense StellaLife.”

Bailey - “I'm Bailey. I work for Featherstone Periodontics on the front end of the business part of it. And all our patients love StellaLife. It's part of our surgical fees when they originally had their surgery. It's given to them afterwards, and then more times than not all the patients love it so much that they'll just keep coming back for it and they'll stop in the office if they're in town or they'll even drive from an hour away to come get it and they have no issue paying for it or anything like that because it is absolutely wonderful.”

Debbie Durako - “And from the surgical assisting side, tell me how your patients react once they've been on the products.”

Surgical Assistant - “They like it. They like that it heals a lot faster than normal. They like that all-natural. That's like a big factor when people come and get more. They really like the gel. They said that it really helps them out a lot with swelling and all that.”

Bailey - “I know the product we used prior to this would stain their teeth and this product does not do that. So I think that’s like one of the number one things that all our patients really love, is that they finally bounced something that's all-natural and isn't going to stain their teeth, and it works better than the stuff we had before.”

Debbie Durako - “Well, we couldn't appreciate you guys more. Thank you so much for enjoying StellaLife and using it in your practice. Thank you both.”