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Jill Taylor at LVI

Dental Hygienists' Videos

StellaLife has a unique product line. As a hygienist, we are always searching for that one thing to help our patients. There are so many choices out there. Today, many patients are looking for a natural solution without chemicals and toxins. The beautiful balance with StellaLife is it helps with the symptoms of dry mouth, canker or cold sores, burning mouth syndrome by alleviating discomfort while hydrating. It helps Perio patients reduce unhealthy pathogens. StellaLife's all-encompassing product line is excellent for surgeries and daily hygiene. We use it for all of our patients at LVI Hygiene program. 

Video Transcription:

Debbie Durako- “Hi, everybody, this is Debbie Durako with StellaLife, we're here at LVI this weekend with none other than the beautiful Jill Taylor. She is teaching an amazing hygiene course and I wanted to have Jill share with you all why it's important, first of all, to have this innovation and StellaLife products and how she's made a difference in her teaching using StellaLife. So, Jill, thank you so much for having us. And tell me a little bit about what you found so unique about StellaLife.”

Jill Taylor- “Debbie, thank you for actually asking because StellaLife is one of those unique products. You know, as hygienists, we're always looking for the one thing and there's so many choices out there to choose from, but so many patients now are really trending to the more natural kind of things. We've had chemicals that have been thrown at us for years, and we know now that our actual holistic patient wants something that's not going to be harmful to their body, but yet actually supportive. And that's a beautiful thing that I found about StellaLife is that it actually gives us that support. It not only helps just with, like, dry mouth, but it also helps if you have, like cold sores or burning mouth syndrome. It actually helps to alleviate that pain as well as actually hydrate. So if we've got that dry mouth that's hydrating, if we've got pain, it's actually numbing. And then if we've got perio, even better, it actually helps to reduce those pathogens over time.”

Debbie Durako- “Well, excellent.”

Jill Taylor- “So, yeah, it's one of those like all-encompassing products that we don't have on the market, that's not going to hurt our body.”

Debbie Durako- “Wonderful.”

Jill Taylor- “And you've got it in a gel. I mean, what are we doing in clinic today? We're going do gel shots.”

Debbie Durako- “All right!”

Jill Taylor- “Provided by StellaLife!”

Debbie Durako- “So if you are looking for an incredible course to teach your hygiene team about the importance of oral-systemic health and all of the new innovations in dentistry, please get in touch with Jill at LVI. And we're so grateful to be here. And thank you again Jill.”

Jill Taylor- “Thank you.”