Laurie Wessler, RDH

Dental Hygienists' Videos

Laurie Wessler, RDH (Homewood Flossmoor Dental Care) shares her own and patients' experience with the StellaLife VEGA Oral Care. "I get great results after cleaning, and my patients love the immediate relief. They say their mouth feels silky after they use the rinse and our dry mouth patients report fast relief. The patient acceptance is 100% in our office. Thank you, StellaLife"



Video Transcription:

“Hi, I'm Laurie Wessler, I'm a dental hygienist. I've been a hygienist for 30 years. I work at Homewood Flossmoor Dental for the last 11 years. StellaLife was introduced to us a couple of months ago and we are loving the product. Our patients love the product. I apply it to my patient before they leave my chair so they can try it. And I get immediate results. Right away, people love the taste. They're not intimidated by, you know, me applying it at all. They love swishing it. They say their mouth feel silky after they use the rinse.  That's their word. And they do feel the pain or the discomfort from a deep cleaning, even a regular cleaning, sometimes from the StellaLife product. Immediately dry mouth. They say that it doesn't feel dry anymore. Patient acceptance is 100 percent in our office and we are just excited to keep going with our new StellaLife products. Thank you StellaLife.”