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Susan, RDH MidWinter 2020

Dental Hygienists' Videos

I've incorporated StellaLife rinse in our soft tissue management program. I've seen fabulous before and after results!


Video Transcription:


“Hi, my name is Susan and I work for Dr. Sampalis in Oak Lawn, Illinois. I've been using StellaLife product with my patients for almost a year now. Mainly the rinse. We have incorporated it into our soft tissue management program. I've seen fabulous results with it, before and after. I had a young med student that came in about inflamed gums, and plaque. I told him he had to get on board with better hygiene, flossing, brushing better with a powered brush. He came in the second time and it looked a little bit better, but not the expectations I had hoped. I gave him the StellaLife product, the rinse. I saw him back in, in 3 months. It was almost like night and day. Inflammation was gone, the plaque control was, of course, I said you can just use the rinse and still not go along with your oral hygiene. So,  with the combination of both of them, I saw a complete turnaround. As I have with many of our other patients. So this is something I really highly recommend. We also have the gel which I've been passing out to patients with canker sores. Quicker relief with that. And we also have the mist that we've been using for patients with dry mouth. It's been quite helpful. So I highly recommend it, It's a wonderful product.”