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Dental Product Report - Liz Lundry, RDH

Dental Hygienists' Videos

Liz Lundry, RDH, Clinical Education Manager for StellaLife shares her professional and personal experiences with using the VEGA Oral Care Recovery Kit for managing pain and healing after dental treatment.


Video Transcription:

“Hello, I'm Liz Lundry. I've been a hygenist for 40 years and I've been a clinical consultant for 30 years, and I'm also now the clinical education manager for StellaLife. And I started using StellaLife as a clinical hygienist with irrigation in practice, as well as dispensing the rinse and the gel and the recovery kit to my patients so they could heal better after surgical procedures for the nonsurgical route planing and scaling that I was doing the periodontal therapies that I would provide. And these patients would be much more comfortable patients with chronic conditions like oral pemphigoid, lichen planus, or just dry mouth patients really responded and love the results, the healing, the pain reduction, as well as the hydration they experienced. So I just love the product so much. I ended up working with the company and I had my own StellaLife experience as a patient on December 12th, just this last December 2019, I had grafting from number 24 to 29 free gingival grafting and connective tissue grafting between 4 and 5. So my whole palette was a donor site and I used the recovery kit, the rinse, the sublingual spray, and the gel. I started using it three days before my surgery, three times a day. And my surgical results were phenomenal because I healed so quickly, I was able to enjoy all the holiday goodies without missing a beat, which was awesome. And then in my recovery time, I didn't need any opioids. I was really comfortable. Any time I started getting some irritation from the surgical sites, I'd use the rinse and spray and put the gel on the site and then go about my business. The pain would be gone. So that made me even more passionate about helping others get out of pain and suffering and allowing people that are going through chemotherapy to be able to eat and those pemphigoid patients that are avoiding foods because it hurts to eat. Now they can have something to live a more normal life. So I'm really grateful for having that in my life and I'm so happy that I can share it with others.”