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Several years ago I suggested to one of my hygiene patients she should try our Stellalife rinse due to the fact she had active periodontitis—- bleeding upon probing, several 4 & 5 mm pocket’s posteriorly, and general inflammation.  She took one bottle home but at her next visit informed me she had opened the bottle, saw some “black specs”, decided the rinse was “moldy”, & threw it out!!! I told her if course we were really sorry but reminded her it is plant based ( which we had already informed her of) & that small pieces could be visible.  We offered her money back but she kindly declined & said she was fine.  However, we continued to battle this infection, even increasing frequency of prophylaxis appointments, but unable to really overcome her infection. At her last appointment at the end of September, we discussed her home care & I again mentioned the successes we are getting with the Stellalife Rinse.  So, she agreed to try it one more time with the knowledge to shake it first & not be concerned about the black specs!  I saw her yesterday morning & her periodontal health was textbook!!! Healthy pink, stippled tissue, rare to no bleeding on probing, pockets 3mm to 4mm!!! She had finished one bottle & was on her second, & wanted her third!  She loved what it was doing to her mouth & stated she felt she was “generating less plaque & her mouth felt cleaner!!!” Thank you so much for this excellent product that really works to improve dental health in our patients!! - - Sandi Schmid, RDH                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Visit: