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Miron Message: Testing Vitamin D with a Simple Finger Prick Test in 10 minutes

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Miron Message: Testing Vitamin D with a Simple Finger Prick Test in 10 minutes Image

In this episode of Miron Message, Dr. Richard Miron talks about a nice little instrument - the Vitamin D Test, continue watching to learn all about it.

Dr. Richard Miron is an internationally recognized clinician who helped pioneer several concepts related to the use of blood concentrates (PRP/PRF), their associated protocols, and potential health benefits over standard materials available today.

He provides a variety of skin rejuvenation procedures for select clients. He educates doctors, facial estheticians, and other clinicians around the world about the latest medical research and clinical practices for facial rejuvenation. Based on his discoveries, Dr. Miron pioneered the Bio-PRF technology, which is now used within all his clinical practices as well as with many other practitioners throughout the world ( His thesis involved research and development of the Bio-Heat protocols whereby a natural filler material produced entirely from whole blood, drawn from the recipient, and concentrated in a centrifugation system followed by a specific heating process could act as a natural ‘Bio-Filler’ and utilized effectively for facial injections as opposed to more commonly utilized dermal fillers such as Juvaderm and Restylene. These protocols are 100% natural with no chemical additive and were developed within his research laboratory.

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