Got Dragon Breath?

How to Use Videos

StellaLife is improving lives by relieving dry mouth symptoms and refreshing breath with a natural VEGA Oral Care Rinse.  Better Ingredients. Better Formulations. Better Healing.


Video Transcription:

Narrator- “All-natural dry mouth relief is finally here.”

Person 1- “What's that for?”

Person 2 - “Blood pressure? You know, I don't mind the medication. But it gives me terrible dry mouth. My dentist said it's causing some tooth decay, which is why my breath wasn't so great.”

Person 1- “I don't notice anything.”

Person 2- “Yeah, my dentist recommended StellaLife rinse when I'm home.”

Person 1- “And it works?”

Person 2 - “Yeah, I was surprised the dentist gave it to me too. And it does.”

Person 1- “I'm going to have to ask my dentist about it.”

Narrator- “Ask your dental care provider about StellaLife products. Better ingredients, better formulations, better healing.”