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Dental Implant Surgery?

How to Use Videos

StellaLife is saving lives by reducing the need for opioids after dental surgical procedures, like dental implants, with an all-natural VEGA Oral Care Recovery Kit. It received the 2019 Top Oral Healing Product award , one of the most prestigious recognitions given by the Dental Advisor.


Video Transcription:

Narrator- “With StellaLife, you can return to your normal life much faster after dental surgery.”

Person 1- “Are you sure you can have soup after having oral surgery?”

Person 2- “Yeah, I've been using the StellaLife recovery kit.”

Person 1- “What's that?”

Person 2- “It's a rinse, spray, and gel. I started using it three days before surgery and I'm still using it. It's helped me heal a lot faster. I feel great.”

Person 1- “Really? I thought that it would have taken a lot longer to heal.”

Person 2- “I thought so, too.”

Person 1- “That's amazing.”

Narrator- “StellaLife is a safe and natural way to speed up recovery after oral surgery. Better ingredients, better formulations, better healing.”