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DPR Top 100: Top 5 Home Care Products of 2023

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DPR Top 100: Top 5 Home Care Products of 2023 Image

January 8, 2024

Although regular cleanings and follow-up care are critical for patients in maintaining oral health, it is equally important for dental professionals to encourage a proper oral care routine at home. The number of at-home oral care options might overwhelm patients, so dental professionals should have recommendations for a variety of patient situations. Here we look at the top 5 home care products from the past year.

The StellaLife Pre+Post+Probiotics Kit is a natural solution that is formulated to maintain a healthy mouth, combining oral and gut probiotics to give you a complete microbiome solution. The kit combines oral and gut probiotics to deliver a complete microbiome solution in a single kit designed to restore oral and gut flora back to health. 

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