Patti DeMatteis, ASDH, RDH

Innovator Series

Discuss your future and complete health dentistry, teledentistry and more to save and extend lives with Patti DeMatteis, ASDH, RDH.

Patti DeMatteis, ASDH, RDH practiced dental hygiene in private practice for 25 years before founding Dental Hygiene Excellence in 1997 to make a difference in dentistry. Her passion lies in coaching her hygiene colleagues to renew their passion for the merit of their work and making it easier to do every day! She is a huge advocate for the oral-systemic health movement, a very proud founding member of AAOSH, a Bale Doneen preceptor, and a managing partner of the Heart Attack and Stroke Prevention Center of Central Ohio where on a good day they save a smile, but on a great day, they save a life! Medical dental collaboration is her goal for better patient management and outcomes and the future of health care!

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