December 2020 Newsletter

Clinician Review

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Scary Future? The Future is Now with Patti DeMatteis, ASDH, RDH

Patti DeMatteis, ASDH, RDH practiced dental hygiene in private practice for 25 years before founding Dental Hygiene Excellence in 1997 to make a difference in dentistry.

"It's all-natural

requires less opioids and it works!" - - Dr. Ann Kania

“I started recommending StellaLife for three reasons. One benefit to StellaLife is that is can reduce or eliminate the need for opioids. Opioids carry numerous side effects and risks that are avoided with this product. In addition, many of my patients prefer more natural therapies. They really appreciate the fact...

"Patients at our office love the natural

safe , yet amazingly effective ingredients that StellaLife offers. Products taste great and work quickly." - - Dr. Allison Beehner

"I had a vision to provide my more natural-minded patients alternative options for pain relief and disease control that were just as effective and safe. When I was introduced to StellaLife, I knew I had found the product that I would feel comfortable recommending to my patients. Patients at our...

StellaLife is Honoring Oral Cancer Cause

"I am absolutely delighted to have been introduced to StellaLife products. Having watched my brother and many other oral cancer patients suffer with ulcers in their mouth, I understand the pain these ulcers cause. They have trouble eating, swallowing and speaking. When Sharman, a friend of mine, shared with me...