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Patient Reviews

I have had several dental procedures performed by Dr. Carter and my most recent one was on 01/05/2017. This experience was different since I used StellaLife for the first time. I followed the instructions and was surprised that my level of pain was considerably less. I used the rinse, gel and spray. I was surprised that I had very little swelling. I had minimum discomfort. I came back to the office 10 days post extractions and two implants and stitches were removed. The team commented that I must be a fast healer since my surgery sites looked so healed. I attribute that to StellaLife products. I have recommended StellaLife to friends about to have similar procedures. I will not have another dental procedure without StellaLife. Had I used it the first time, I would not have a need for pain pills. I can recommend StellaLife to anyone having dental procedures.
- Judy, TN