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Since 1990 more than 4,300 clinicians from around the world have come to appreciate Pikos Institute as the ideal learning center for 3D based implant surgical courses. Our goal is to help dental practitioners on all experience levels to define, meet and exceed their professional goals by providing practical, clinical, and scientific based courses that teach, inspire, and elevate their respective skill sets in implant dentistry.

Top 5 Reasons to Attend a Course at the Pikos Institute:
1. Learn it, see it, do it. Immerse yourself in the subject matter with interactive lecture discussion, live surgery, and hands-on workshops.
2. Develop confidence in your ability to perform surgical procedures you weren't comfortable doing previously.
3. Separate yourself from your colleagues as you learn from Dr. Pikos' 36 years of surgical experience in a warm, intimate, casual, and interactive environment.
4. Experience more than just another "how-to" course. You'll find out what really works, what doesn't, and learn "the why."
5. Discover what more than 4,300 clinicians from all 50 states and 43 countries already have about this unique learning environment.

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