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Dr. Tatch - Opioids Reduction

Clinicians' Videos

To reduce opioid prescriptions, Dr. Tatch is providing patients with natural pain management products with great results.

Video transcription:

“So, the opioid crisis has been an ongoing problem for a number of years, probably close to a decade, and it's really kind of at its peak right now. It's definitely an issue in dentistry, with clinicians sometimes prescribing opioids for pain management. Luckily, there's alternatives that can allow the patient's pain free recovery after their procedures without having to resort to opioids. Right, so just recently, we published a three year retrospective analysis on our own prescription of opioids in our practice and Interestingly enough, we're able to decrease the number of opioids we prescribe almost three fold in a matter of four years just by altering what we recommend for the patients. We came up with our, we call Office Protocol, which incorporated non opioid medications such as nsaids and Tylenol, in conjunction with the  StellaLife Recovery Kit. StellaLife Recovery Kit is essentially a plant based product that has really changed the way we manage pain after surgical procedures as well as patients recovery after surgical procedures. The patient feedback has been absolutely tremendous, and we've had the products in the last five years. It pretty much spans the entire spectrum of dentistry but in my practice, which is oral maxillofacial surgery, it really has become an integral part of the practice. It's an adjunct for pain management as well as for accelerated healing after surgical procedures. We've been able to manage and treat non surgical conditions, which patients present with autoimmune conditions, inflammatory conditions of the oral cavity, and other things that really have made a huge difference. Absolutely. It's really easy to use. Essentially, patient education is an integral part of that protocol. So if a clinician sits down with a patient, explains the rationale of pain management experience, why certain things are recommended and prescribed, it's really easy to adapt. And patient acceptance is great. Again, we're using the non steroidal anti inflammatory medications, acetaminophen, and a big part of it is the recovery kit by StellaLife, which is plant based product and really, the combination of all three make a huge difference after any surgical procedures. The feedback has been tremendous. Like I said, the patients really like the alternative to non opioid pain management, and they like the fact that we're offering them a great product and an alternative to the opioid prescription in the office.”