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Dr. Daniel Delrose

Clinicians' Videos

"It is just amazing. It has changed the way we practice surgery, our periodontal program, everything in our office." -- Dr. Daniel Delrose

Video transcription:

"Hi, I'm not a hippie dentist, nor do I play dentist on TV. I am Dan Delrose, I've got a group practice in Ellenton, Florida, it's just a little bit north of Sarasota. I heard about StellaLife about two and a half years ago at Dr. Piko's symposium and it sounded really great. But you know, Peridex is the gold standard. So it wasn't until about a year ago that I met Mark, and he really convinced me to try the StellaLife. It is just amazing, and it's changed the way we practice our surgery, our periodontal program, everything in our office. I call the gel "bare aspirin of surgery". Every patient, if it's simple extraction to full arch, we put some of the gel on their incisions and within 20 minutes, it looks like the surgery was done a day ago. It's just amazing how it accelerates the healing recovery pack. I rarely, rarely give any kind of narcotics as pain medication, everything is just ibuprofen now. They start the recovery a few days before surgery, and they continue it and it works really well. I'm so happy. Like I said, I could do a commercial for them. It just changed so much. It was very difficult, though, to initially initiate the product, especially in the hygiene program. Once the hygienist starts seeing the results from the scaling, root planing and their irrigation, you have a hard time keeping the product IN our office. So if you're thinking about trying to really help your patients out and make your practice a little bit easier on yourself with less discomfort in surgeries, give the patient something that isn't a chemical, something that's natural, I would really look into StellaLife."