Dr. David Lee Hill

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We have been using StellaLife Recovery Kit for several years on bone augmentation surgeries. Antimicrobial rinse doesn't stain, and our patients like the taste. Pain-relief Spray and Gel have anti-inflammatory effects and easy to use. It benefits patients with faster healing and clinicians by reducing the need for various pain modalities.


Video Transcription:

“My name is Dr. David Lee Hill, I'm an oral and maxillofacial surgeon in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and it's my pleasure to talk a bit about a very innovative product that we have been using, both in our practice and also in a bonus to a faculty member for several years now. And that product is called StellaLife. We started using it on more of our complex bone graft augmentation cases. We were using the rinse as an anti-microbial rinse that we typically start two to three days pre-surgically, and then the patient is able to use that post-surgically. And some of the advantages of the rinse are, again, you do get an antimicrobial effect, but some of the lesser desirable effects, such as tooth staining, maybe some change in taste or bad taste. Those things are really eliminated with the rinse. But I think the more innovative side of the product is being able to use it as a proactive means in today's age. Anything that we can do to help reduce patient discomfort, also to help avoid if not eliminate dependency on opioids following surgery. That's something that really caught our attention, and we wanted to be using anything that we felt was not only state of the art, but would be convenient for a patient. So it's an easy application, involves a gel and a spray that the patient is able to use and in a very simple manner. And what you'll see is some anti-inflammatory effect and pain reduction. So it's really, I think all about patient education and having a more proactive and open-minded approach to reducing discomfort, reducing some of the unwanted and deleterious effects of other pain modalities, and at the same time, improving, healing, and improving soft tissue response. We've been really pleased with it. Our patients have given really good feedback about it. And we are we're happy to be on board from an early start with this. So I would say kudos to the StellaLife team. I think they're really on to something and I think that it benefits not just the patients, but I think in the broader sense, we're moving in a better direction with what we can do for folks post-operatively. So thank you.”