Dr. Eric Rindler - Oncology

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Dr. Eric Rindler 

shares his story about helping a friend deal with oral sores caused by radiation and why he recommends StellaLife VEGA Oral Care Recovery Kit as a game-changer in a more natural approach for oncology patients. 

Video transcription:

“I'm Eric Rindler. I'm a periodontist in San Antonio, Texas, and I wanted to tell an anecdotal story that I think affects all of us dentists at one point in our career. I had a good friend who had to go through head and neck radiation therapy for cancer and I knew that oral sores are a huge problem, and I wanted to do something as his dentist friend on how to help him. So I talked to everybody I knew, I talked to the oral medicine people, and I repeatedly heard about StellaLife. And StellaLife is an antibacterial oral mouth rinse. We had my friend start using that, and he was able to avoid getting the oral sores, the oral ulcers that are associated with head and neck radiation. And it's a bigger deal than just not getting the sores because the data shows that the patients who get the sores are also the ones that long term are more likely at risk for osteonecrosis issues associated with future trauma. The oncologist kept telling him " Hey, you need to maintain your good nutrition as you're going through this process, because once you start getting the oral sores, the pain is unbearable and very often those patients end up on feeding tubes". With the help of StellaLife, he was able to avoid getting the oral sores, he never had to get a feeding tube, and it made a difference in his life during treatment. And actually, the oral sores tend to go on for weeks after it. So although my story is an n of 1, there are many of us who have the n of 1 and fortunately, we all don't see a lot of this in the process of our practices. But I wanted to share my experience, hoping that it might make a difference for your patients or even your friends.”