Dr. Eric Rindler - Oncology

Clinician Review

Dr. Eric Rindler shares his story about helping a friend deal with oral sores caused by radiation and why he recommends StellaLife VEGA Oral Care Recovery Kit as a game-changer in a more natural approach for oncology patients. 

Dr. Marq J Sams

...Patients with the auto-immune condition have seen StellaLife work even better than even steroids...

Dr. James Martin - Pikos Institute

...it is very helpful to have instructions right on the box - 3 3 3 easy to use protocol. Patients love it and speak very highly of StellaLife.

Dr. Stoner - Opioid Crisis

Addressing Opioid Crisis: Dr. Stoner tells how use of StellaLife products resulted in an 80% reduction in prescribed opioids.