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Dr. Stoner - Opioid Crisis

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Seattle Study Club — Expert Tips - Addressing the Opioid Crisis:  Dr Jason Stoner tells how use of StellaLife products resulted in an 80% reduction in prescribed opioids.

Video Transcription:

“My name is Jason Stoner. I'm a director in Columbus, Ohio. I have been for 14 years. I feel very fortunate to be part of the Seattle Study Club Network. We all know about our opiate crisis in the United States, which has grown. Deaths have grown by 350% since 1999. It is now the leading cause of death, having superseded motor vehicle accidents and firearm accidents. We wanted to contribute to the effort nationally to reduce the opioid epidemic. And for the past 3 years, we've used a product called StellaLife, which is an all-natural product that, in addition to its healing characteristics and its enhanced soft tissue response, has been fantastic in reducing the narcotic need and the opiate need in our practice. We've been able to successfully reduce our prescriptions by 80% because of the analgesic effects of the gel and rinse. And we've been able to reduce the number of days postoperatively that patients are taking narcotics down to about one and a half days. So this has been a great transformation in our practice. We've been using it at first for healing, but this has been a very pleasant and positive experience, having used the gel and getting this response from an opiate standpoint and reduction. So that's my expert tip. Thank you very much.”