Dr. Susan Maples - AAOSH Board Member

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Sit down with Michigan's Dr. Susan Maples to talk about how she focuses on more than just teeth in her dental practice.

Video transcription:

“Hi, I'm Dr. Susan Maples. I'm here to talk about total health dentistry and what does that mean for the future of dentistry? I practice total health dentistry and teach throughout the country and is considered the wave of the future. And I'm really excited to share it with you. Total health is not just about oral disease and how it manifests itself in the rest of the body, but also how we can predict and preempt major disease, metabolic disease, and others in the mouth, things like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and sleep apnea, and acid reflux, and chronic systemic inflammation from food sensitivities, and vitamin deficiencies, and HPV, all forms of cancer, and the list goes on and on. We're also looking at infants from age 0, in fact, from birth all the way to 100. And what does that mean to integrate infant oral health into your practice in a way that makes a big difference for kids ultimately? Affronting things like sleep and airway problems, obesity, and diabetes in children, growth, and development? It's really, really fun not only to bring your team to a level where they can save lives and change lives every day. But to add to profitability in your practice. We are by serving a total health population, attracting the very best patients, patients who would gladly spend their own money where their values are on their health. By attracting new patients to our practice who value health, we create a values alignment. It's a really nice mess. By the end of the day, our team is completely energized rather than depleted. In most medical dental practices, we're literally putting Band-Aids on the problems of today. We're serving a sick care model instead of a health care model. In fact, I think probably the only thing missing from health care today is health and care. This is a way to really reenergize why you went into dentistry, which is to care for people with a very deep level and absolutely flourish your practice, especially if you're interested in maintaining a private practice, even private from insurance parameters. So I invite you to step into the fold in total health dentistry and the future is yours. Whether you want to come to a meeting of the American Academy of Oral Systemic Health or whether you want to jump online and look at Total Health Academy and look at all of the offerings that dentistry has to offer in the way of total health. I invite you to come with us.”