Dr. Lee Sheldon

Clinicians' Videos

"I am so pleased that StellaLife is a routine tool in our practice. With so much success in speeding healing and reducing postoperative pain, we keep testing the limits of this product. "Let's try StellaLife" has become a routine refrain in our practice for any type of acute or chronic mouth soreness and our patients are rewarded with a solution that they, nor we, ever had in our practice. I have seldom seen a safe breakthrough product of this magnitude.”


Video Transcription:

“I'm a periodontist in Melbourne, Florida. We've had the opportunity of using StellaLife now for quite some time. You know, there are sometimes the products come out and you try them. You say, all right, how are they going to work? And that's what we did. We tried it and it worked. I mean, it worked so well to the point where my assistants came to me and said, let's use this for every patient. Why? Because we're prescribing a lot less pain medications as a result. Of course, the procedures that we do aren't very painful anyway. But still, you know how we have to prescribe some medications. Even Ibuprofen and Tylenol. StellaLife has helped patients heal faster and it's kept patients comfortable. It's an amazing product.”