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Dr. Khaled Sinjab

Clinicians' Videos

"I love how it does not kill the fibroblast, it kills the bacteria." -- Dr. Khaled Sinjab

Video transcription:

"Hi, my name is Khaled Sinjab. I work at six dental offices and periodontal offices in Michigan. I will only do soft tissue cases and large GBR cases after the patient has been given a StellaLife bottle or has purchased it online because I know for a fact that is much better than any antimicrobial mouth mints out there. I love how it does not kill the fibroblast but it kills the bacteria, patients love the taste of it and lately I've been actually prescribing it to patients that have xerostomia and they've been finding it to be much better than Biotene and any of the other brands. So yeah, thank you guys for everything."