Dr. Sarah Herd

Clinician Review

I have a Perio-Indy practice and have been using StellaLife for over 3 years. I used a different natural essential oils dental product in the past, considering I don't like CHX. However, my patients and I like StellaLife outcomes, because it helps with healing, and I don't get complaints.

Dr. Cecilio Po Pikos Institute

Because healing is so good, my patients want more. Compliance has been great. The difference is seeing it is believing it.

Dr. Marq J Sams

...Patients with the auto-immune condition have seen StellaLife work even better than even steroids...

Dr. James Martin - Pikos Institute

...it is very helpful to have instructions right on the box - 3 3 3 easy to use protocol. Patients love it and speak very highly of StellaLife.