Dr. Waleed Rhebi

Clinician Review

I am a Periodontist in Michigan. My braces caused many canker sores. I tried, and the result was amazing. I was surprised to learn that some of my colleagues were already using StellaLife with their patients. My team and I love StellaLife. My patients keep asking for a refill after first use. StellaLife is my first choice for healing for me personally and my patients. 


Video Transcription:

“My name is Waleed Rhebi, I'm a Periodontist in Michigan. I have a beautiful, office and I have a beautiful team there. As you can see, I have braces. I decided late a little bit in my age to start braces. As a complication, I got a lot of ulcers. I tried to find something. The doctor recommends some mouthwash we got in the back. Luckily, I found StellaLife through Amazon. I was kind of interested in what they wrote about it. I tried it for myself and the result was amazing. I brought it to the office. Some of my friends, when I talk with them about it, surprisingly, they are using it as well. And since then, the patient is absolutely happy about it. It changed the way how we take care of the patient there. I can say I'm like 100 percent that my patients ask for a refill after finishing the first bottle. So I love it. It's my first choice for any patient, for the term of healing potentials and taking care of that home care. “

Dr. Fadi Assaf

Dr. Fadi Assaf shares his StellaLife story at the Pikos Symposium 2020 about how his patients experience less inflammation and less discomfort, which makes them happier!

Dr. Eric Rindler - Oncology

Dr. Eric Rindler recommends StellaLife VEGA Oral Care Recovery Kit  as a game-changer in a more natural approach for oncology patients.

Dr. Mark Cannon

AAOSH Board Member

"If we have a patient with Aphthous Ulcers, we keep gel here for our patients and they leave with a gel. If you do a laser procedure or frenectomy or wisdom teeth, put them on Oral Care Recovery Kit." - - Mark L. Cannon, DDS, MS.