We use StellaLife products for all of our procedures - oral surgeries, periodontal patients, and our hygienists love it also!  It is our go-to product that we use. Especially all of our All-on-4 patients use the Recovery Kit with great success. Patients love the faster healing.



Video Transcription:

“I'm Dr. Dustin Van Tassell, I work at Star Image Dentistry in Wichita Falls, Texas, and we use all of the StellaLife products. With the oral surgeon that we work with, hand in hand with all of our surgeries. He also uses it as well. For every extraction he does, he places the StellaLife gel. He's pretty excited about it. He sees the wonderful results. We also use it quite frequently. I do periodontal surgeries and use it with my periodontal patients. Our hygienists love it. They promote it all the time. That is our go-to product that we use and especially our all-on-four patients seen some wonderful success with using the StellaLife kit with those patients. And the patients really see quite a bit of healing. So we really love it. It's worked out well for us.”