Dr. David Hanle

Clinician Review

StellaLife products and particularly Rinse has been a phenomenal product for my family and patients with dry mouth - turned a family member's life around back to enjoyment, being happy, and functioning normally. Thank you, StellaLife!


Video Transcription:

“Hi, my is David Hanle, I'm a general dentist from Shalimar, Florida. I just wanted to let everybody know that the StellaLife products, especially for me, the StellaLife rinse has been a phenomenal product for my patients with dry mouth. I have a family member who is the Sahara Desert of dry mouths and with the StellaLife, it really makes his life so much better. Enjoyment, happy, able to function in a much better way. Thank you so much for your products.”

Dr. Robert Haraden

I place the gel inside the denture, and in 24 hours, we find the tissue healed much faster, no infections and no bleeding.

Dr. Missy Baker

My personal experience with StellaLife Recovery Kit was fabulous!

Dr. Robert Tentler

We have incorporated StellaLife for both surgical and non-surgical procedures, including our hygiene program.