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Dr. Jason Stoner

Clinicians' Videos

"I performed a series of case reports to evaluate the effects of StellaLife's VEGA Oral Gel and Rinse as adjunctive therapy for postsurgical management after pocket reduction osseous surgery, connective tissue grafting, extraction and site preservation bone graft. I used a split-mouth design, applying the VEGA Gel and Rinse only on one side and a standalone, or a combination of Peridex, PRGF, PRP, Emdogain and Periosciences on the other controlled side. Maximum pain level 5 and typically 3 was observed the first day on the VEGA treated side compared to 7, as anticipated, on the controlled side. Healing was faster on the VEGA treated side and took only 1 week; in comparison, it took 1 month to heal on the controlled side. My patients unanimously reported having less problems with the VEGA treated side, recovered more quickly when compared to the controlled side and on average required fewer narcotic pain medications. We have yet to uncover the limitations of this product."


Video Transcription:

“The StellaLife product that we've been using in our office for two years and the healing is amazing. I'm still amazed when I see our patients even now at one week or two weeks or four weeks, the healing at one week looks like four weeks. I've done over one hundred and fifty cases and four documented them. There's significantly less discomfort. There's no stain or taste alteration. The taste is great, there's less discomfort. And it's just a great product that we've used in our office and completely replaced chlorhexidine with it. I encourage you to give your patients the best and with its antimicrobial properties, along with the great taste and the advanced healing. I'm a big proponent for StellaLife.”