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Linda's Story

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StellaLife VEGA Oral Care turned my life around battling Oral Pemphigoid.


Video Transcription:

“I was diagnosed after three years of not knowing what I had. I had mouth ulcers in my gum, mouth ulcers, they were on the gum. I probably had seven or eight at a time continually. It was never well, it was always sores in my mouth. So my weight dropped to below 100 pounds and sick beyond belief. I was finally diagnosed with Oral Pemphigoid. And I began then a regimen of eating the right things that I thought that I could eat. Everything had to be mashed. I found StellaLife through my periodontist, Dr. Meister. He called me and told me to come in, that he had a surprise for me. And sure enough, I was introduced to StellaLife. And I was so desperate, he was talking about it and he had it in his hand, the rinse. And he said they say that it works amazingly well and it works very rapidly. And I said, well, give it to me. And he said, I'm going to. And he kept talking. I said Dr. Meister, give me the stuff and let me put it in my mouth. Because at the time, my mouth was hurting. And I put it in and unbelievably, it stopped hurting, it stops it immediately, it stops in its tracks. Then what it does, it continues, stays in your mouth and it continues to heal. It's the most wonderful feeling in the world because you can feel the soreness begin to go away. And every time that you used this, it is just an amazing experience. It's a healing. It's not just to stop the pain. And that's a big item trust me, but it is also the fact that my gums were so inflamed and so red. It was awful and my gums were receding. I was in the biggest mess in the world and then I started with this and I today have a mouth that is not sore. It does not hurt. I've turned my life around and I am so grateful to StellaLife. Just beyond grateful.”