Holly's Story

Clinician Review

Both daughters used StellaLife (Wisdom Teeth & Gum Graft). Great results. Recovery was wonderful. I am a fan!


Video Transcription:

“My name is Holly. I have two daughters, one is 18. The other one is 15. My 18-year old had wisdom teeth surgery last year and my youngest had gum graft surgery. And the oral surgeon that did my oldest suggested using the StellaLife, and she used the whole kit and she healed beautifully and quickly. And then my daughter who had the gum surgery, we had leftover gel and she used it, and it healed. I am a fan. The recovery was wonderful.”

Got Dragon Breath?

StellaLife is improving lives by relieving dry mouth symptoms and refreshing breath with a natural VEGA Oral Care Rinse.  Better Ingredients. Better Formulations. Better Healing.   Video Transcription: Narrator- “All-natural dry mouth relief is finally here.” Person 1- “What's that for?” Person 2 - “Blood pressure? You know, I don't...

Dental Implant Surgery?

StellaLife is saving lives by reducing the need for opioids after dental surgical procedures, like dental implants, with an all-natural VEGA Oral Care Recovery Kit. It received the 2019 Top Oral Healing Product award , one of the most prestigious recognitions given by the Dental Advisor.   Video Transcription: Narrator-...

Got Braces?

StellaLife is improving lives by healing people faster after dental procedures with an all-natural VEGA Oral Care Gel. It received Editors Choice award, the highest distinction by the Dental Advisor.   Video Transcription: Narrator - “With StellaLife, you can return to your normal life much faster after getting braces.” Person...