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Becky Boyer, BSDH, RDH

Dental Hygienists' Videos

My dentist said my daughter had excellent genes when she recovered quickly after the surgery. After my second daughter's surgery, my dentist couldn't believe how well the tissue healed. I told him I used StellaLife instead of Chlorhexidine and didn't take any opioids. He was amazed by the results.


Video Transcription:

“Hi, my name is Becky. I'm a clinical hygenist and a coach for Dental Hygiene Excellence. My daughters both had their wisdom teeth out back in the summer and the oral surgeon wrote us a prescription for Chlorhexidine. Being the hygenist, you know that I am. I kindly told him that I would not be filling that prescription, that I had a better option that I was going to use for my daughters, which was the StellaLife rinse and the gel. And so when we went back in for our post-op, He, I think you know must have forgotten what I was doing. And when he looked at my first daughter, he said, wow, I've never seen tissue heal quite this quickly in a short amount of time. You must have great genes. And then when he went in to look at my younger daughter and she had much more extensive surgery, he said, ok, so what is the story here? Because great genes are one thing, but tissue healing like this is just amazing. What are you using? And I said, well, here is my research that I have for you. Here is a care package. It is StellaLife. And one of their key components of creating this was to sort of combat or prevent the opioid addiction. And he got tears in his eyes because he said, I just buried my nephew. So he was very excited about it, about not only that aspect of it, but how much healing it did provide with my daughters and the soothing comfort. So they didn't even have to take any of the opioids.”