The DHE team is compromised solely of dental hygienists and have a combined clinical experience of over 110 years - striving to enhance the dental experience from both a clinician’s and a patient’s perspective.

As clinicians who practice as Bale Doneen Preceptors and high-risk periodontal therapists at the Heart Attack and Stroke Prevention Center of Central Ohio, DHE Method see first hand the importance of understanding the link between the mouth and the body.

Together we have developed a proven method to achieve the highest level of oral health possible for our high-risk HASPC patients! Our oral systemic approach reduces or eliminates oral inflammation, one of the most significant root causes of heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. DHE Method uses and recommends StellaLife products to accelerate healing, relieve pain and reduce the need for opioids. We have seen great results after dental surgeries and periodontal treatment.