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Got Braces?

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StellaLife is improving lives by healing people faster after dental procedures with an all-natural VEGA Oral Care Gel. It received Editors Choice award, the highest distinction by the Dental Advisor.


Video Transcription:

Narrator - “With StellaLife, you can return to your normal life much faster after getting braces.”

Person 1 - “Sullivan has to get braces next month.”

Person 2- “No way.”

Person 1 - “Yeah.” 

Person 2- “Henry's been fine with his. He just every now and then gets a canker sore.”

Person 1- “Oh, canker sores? I didn't even think of that. What happened?”

Person 2- “A wire gets loose and pokes their cheek. We used to use wax on it. It kind of smooths it down. But we got this great new product from the orthodontist. Like, I actually have it with me. It's StellaLife VEGA Oral Care gel.”

Person 1 - “Oh, StellaLife.”

Person 2- “It's all-natural. It really helps with the pain and then it helps it heal faster too. You want to keep it and try it?”

Person 1 - “Oh, thank you!”

Person 2- “Yeah, let me know how you like it.”

Narrator - “Ask your dental care provider about StellaLife products. Better ingredients, better”