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Florida Focus – Florida Academy of General Dentistry

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Date: September 2022

The Florida Academy of General Dentistry is one of the most active state Academies in the nation. The only organization dedicated solely to the general dentist. The Florida Academy of General Dentistry offers a variety of quality continuing education courses throughout the year, to assist our members in providing quality care and dental education to their patients. Other activities in which the Florida AGD is involved include promoting general dentistry to the public, publishing (our newsletter), and serving as a voice for the general practitioner.

How to Stand Apart from the Competition, by Liz Lundry, RDH

Liz Lundry has been a practicing Dental Hygienist since 1979, when she graduated from Foothill Collegein Los Altos, California. She has been an in-office trainer since 1988 and earned her Laser Certification in 2000. As a consultant, Liz works with dental practices all over North America through The JP Institute, providing hands-on technology training including lasers, air polishers and ultrasonics, integration of nutrition, customized in-office coaching and rigorous post-graduate seminars and workshops. She is a published author, and a veteran clinician. As a speaker, she has presented at international seminars, national study clubs and state meetings. Liz is also the Clinical Education Manager for StellaLife. Liz can be contacted at (925) 216-6563 and

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