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January 2022 Newsletter


January 2022 Newsletter Image

918Dentist is very active in community service. They believe communizes allows them to be part of their lives, so they show their gratitude by helping the communities in various ways. One way to give back was to create a free dental day that patients who won’t be able to afford dental work from routine cleanings to fillings and extractions to have a day in a year that can get their dental work done at no cost to them.

Their hope has always been to set an example for other practitioners to follow the same path and help their communities. One drop won’t fill the ocean. But the accumulation of many drops will. So far they have seen the fruits. Dr. Kuykendall in Spring Texas set his first free dental day a couple of months ago utilizing the same system.

Every year, they have had at least over 35 volunteers and many gracious suppliers donating dental materials and have served over 75 to 80 patients in one day to achieve slightly better health than they had before they came in. They hope this becomes a nationwide model for private practitioners, not just organizations such as Oklahoma Dental Association and it’s amazing MOM program. We, ALL, can help.

January 2022 Newsletter