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Molly's Story

Consumers' Videos

StellaLife cut down on pain after my wisdom teeth extractions. No pain medication after a few days. Absolutely amazing!


Video Transcription:

“Hi, my name is Molly, and with using StellaLife, I was actually able to stop using the pain medicine that I had been prescribed because I didn't have any pain. It aided with healing so much that I actually healed in about two days. I got my wisdom teeth removed on December 28th and was actually still functioning enough to go out and see friends on New Year's Eve that year. It was absolutely amazing and I had zero complications with it because of the fact that I was using StellaLife. It cut down on pain completely. I had one day of pain and that was the day after and it was minimal to nothing. And the best part of it was, is I didn't have to use any prescription pain meds after the first or second day. And I know this probably won't be for everyone that they might still have to use pain meds, but I think it's still worth a shot. If it worked for me, it can work for you.”