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Rose's Story

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As soon as my Waterpik broke in my luggage, I started to get canker sores from my braces. I tried StellaLife at this conference and after 10 minutes forgot the pain. The amazing part is my sores healed after one day. I would touch them with my tongue and not feel any pain.


Video Transcription:

“My name is Rose Shepherd, I'm an RDA, I work for the dental office of Dr. Stephanie Lawler in San Jose, California. I'm here at the IAPA and unfortunately, upon arrival, my Waterpik broke in my suitcase. And as you could see, I'm in orthodontic treatment and I have now developed some irritation around one of my bands, orthodontic bands and my gum is irritated and started bleeding today upon brushing. And stopped here at the booth and used some of the StellaLife products and did a two-minute rinse concentrating on my upper right quadrant and had an application of the gel placed on my lesion. And probably within about 10 minutes I notice an immediate difference and even touching it with my tongue. It was no longer any pain and I've gone the whole day feeling great and I can't wait to try this product out at home.”