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My Canker Sore Story

Consumers' Videos

I had a canker sore and bit my tongue. The small q-tip size of StellaLife gel made my pain go away literally in less than 10 minutes. The rest of the day and night, I didn't feel anything, so my healing was quick!


Video Transcription:

Debbie- “Tell me about your experience with the gel. I hear you had a problem. So tell me what you did.”

Customer - “So I had a canker sore underneath my tongue for about two days now since I've been here, and I keep playing with it, but it doesn't bother me that food gets in the way. And I came over here and you gave me just a little q-tip size swab and I put it in there and it tasted like Jagermeister which I thought was funny. And it had that consistency so it wasn't gross or anything like that. And within like 10 minutes, my pain went away, and continuously throughout the night, I didn't feel anything. It was consistent and I liked it. It feels like it's gone now.”

Debbie- “Fantastic. So what do you do at the office and who do you work for?”

Customer- “I am a dental assistant and upfront office coordinator for Dr. Timothy Gross in Kiawah Island, South Carolina.”

Debbie- “Thank you so much for using StellaLife.”

Customer - “Thank you guys.”

Debbie- “We really appreciate it.”

Customer - “It was a great experience and I would encourage everybody to do it.”

Debbie- “Thank you.”