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Kimberly's Story

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We have been using StellaLife products in our practice located in Texas. Patients like it so much, they always come back after the surgery asking for more StellaLife.  I recently had some dental work done and had a huge painful ulcer way in the back of my mouth. Luckily, StellaLife team let me apply the Gel 3 times per day, and I cannot tell you what a great relief it gave me. Phenomenal relief. It is an amazing product. You need to think about having it in your office. 


Video Transcription:

“Hi, I'm Kimberly Chingis and I work for Dr. Reece & Jouett's office in Bryan, Texas. We are just a great proponent for StellaLife. We use it for our surgery patients and they liked it so much that even when they're finished using the product that we've given them that was included in the surgery, then they come back and they're wanting more. So, then I got to have a personal experience this past week. I'd had some dental work done just prior to coming out here.  And I've had just a huge ulcer way in the back of my mouth that I couldn't reach. But I have just been in such pain. And so I dropped by the StellaLife booth, they were so kind to give me some of the gel to use. And I've been applying it like three times a day since I've been here, and I cannot tell you the relief that I've had. I've just had another dose put on and it is phenomenal. And so I am just so excited about it. And I think it is such an amazing product. And you need to think about having it in your office to use for your patients.”