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Jan Lazarus, The JP Institute

Dental Hygienists

Jan Lazarus, The JP Institute Image
I am continually researching and evaluating products that may be valuable to our patients and clients. In order for us to even consider trying or recommending a new product to a patient or our clients, we need to have solid science that ensures the safety and efficacy to promote healing without side effects or in any way disrupting homeostasis. I personally love the StellaLife holistic and effective properties that promote healing and restore the environment to homeostasis. We now have many clients experiencing great to amazing feedback from their patients. The feedback that really got my attention was from a client that had a patient with a very sore, dry mouth as a result from the medication she was taking. She had tried many products over the period of several years and she now finally has relief from using the StellaLife VEGA Oral Care Gel only after a couple of days. Since then, we have received a lot of great feedback on all of the StellaLife products. Thank you!