No. 2: Homeopathic adjunctive therapy

"One line of dental products that comes packaged together and is particularly effective is the VEGA Oral Care Recovery Kit by StellaLife. This kit has 16 active homeopathic ingredients designed to accelerate healing; reduce pain, swelling, and bruising; and provide antimicrobial properties to reduce anxiety. It contains arnica, calendula, and chamomile among other active ingredients. All 16 ingredients work synergistically and give the product its unique pain-relieving properties. The kit comes with a mouth spray, gel, and rinse that is designed to be used one to three days prior to the procedure and seven to 10 days postprocedure, depending upon the expected trauma of the surgery. The VEGA Oral Care Recovery kit is a natural answer that can reduce postoperative pain for patients who are recovering from various dental procedures.."   - - Dr. Scott Froum, Editorial Director, PerioImplant Advisory, USA     

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